Vu+ SOLO2 Twin Tuner Satellite Receiver with Enigma2


    Vu+ SOLO2 Twin Tuner HD PVR DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver with Enigma2.
  • Price: 187£
  • Out of Stock, Please choice SunraySE SOLO2 HD Instead, hardware and function same.

Vu+ SOLO2(VuPlus SOLO2)(Set-Top Box) is a powerfull satellite receiver for digital TV supply high difinition TV progamms. The Vu+ SOLO2 Main features are 1300 MHz CPU, base on open-source OS Enigma2, Vu+ SOLO2 with Fixed Twin DVB-S2 Tuner, so Vu+ SOLO2 support Multi-satellite, Vu+ SOLO2 use MPEG-2 / H.264 Hardware decoding for images transmission, 12 digit alphanumeric VFD Display, 2 x smartcard reader (Conax Embedded), 3 x USB2.0 (1xFront/2xBack), HDMI Interface, 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface, 1 x Scart (RGB, FBAS or S-Video).

Vu+ SOLO2 is a with Twin HD DVB-S2 tuner satellite receiver is the newest type twin tuner receiver from Vu, Vu+ SOLO2 based on the Linux TV APIs, Vu+ SOLO2 is integrated with double DVB-S2 tuners and offers advanced PVR functions and a variety of multimedia plug-in features, Vu+ SOLO2 has been the most popular and exemplary model desired by competitors as well as customers in terms of performance, quality and customer satisfaction.

SunraySE SOLO2 Dual WiFi

    SunraySE SOLO2 Dual WiFi Twin Tuner HD PVR DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver.
  • Price: 177£

Vu+ SOLO2 is a special gift for 2014 World Cup, and it's a smart box with powerful function to watching HD sports program, Vu+ SOLO2 come with a powerful twin dvb-s2 tuner. It's the newest receiver in the market, special for watching 2014 World Cup.

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Here we also supply accessories for Vu+ box also the Vu+ SOLO2, like remote control, power supply and HD Cable.

The Vu+ SOLO2 Main Powerful 1300MHz Broadcom Mips processor, with Enigma2 Linux Operating System, Twin DVB-S2 Tuner, MPEG-2 / H.264 Hardware decoding, 12 digit alphanumeric VFD Display, 2 x smartcard reader (Conax Embedded), 3 x USB2.0 (1xFront/2xBack), HDMI Interface, 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface, 1 x Scart (RGB, FBAS or S-Video), 1 x V.24/RS232, Newest box from Vu.

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Vu+ SOLO2 box DVB-S2 Twin Tuner HD pvr digital satellite TV receiver - Twin HD Tuner PVR - Your Smart Linux TV Player.

Vu+ SOLO2 Features:

  • Powerful 1300MHz Dual Core CPU, Main Chipset: BCM7356ZZKFEB3G
  • Twin DVB-S2 Tuners.
  • Dolby Digital plus & DTS supported.
  • 2 x Smartcard Reader(Xcrypt)
  • 1 x Common interface
  • Dual MPEG2 /H.264 Hardware Decoding
  • DNR(Digital Noise Reduction)
  • 12 Digit VFD display
  • 128MB Flash /1GB DDR3 DRAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • SATA3 2.5 HDD supported.
  • RS232
  • HDMI
  • Composite Video
  • 1 x SCART
  • SPDIF for digital bit stream out( optical)
  • Power Adaptor
  • Automatic temperature sensor based FAN Speed control system
  • Media Player
  • Downloadable plug-ins supported
  • EPG supported
  • Automatic & Manual service Scan supported
  • Multiple LNB control (DiSEqC) supported
  • Skin change supported

Vu+ Solo2 Package Included:

  • 1 x Vu+ Solo2 Box
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Power supply
  • 1 x RS232 cable
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Gift Box

This box Vu+ SOLO2 come(ship) with all accessories: Power Unit, remote control, AV Cable, TV Scart to AV Adapter, HDMI cable, and so on, If you want to buy Vu+ DUO please click here