Quality Vu+ SOLO Mini Satellite Receiver

Vu+ SOLO Mini is a cheap but high quality Linux based DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, runs on open-source software(Enigma2) developed by hundreds of developers around the world. The Vu+ SOLO Mini Main features are 333 MHz MIPS Processor, Vu+ SOLO Mini with Single DVB-S2 Tuner. Vu+ SOLO Mini is a condensed version of Vu+ DUO supply Crystal clear HD picture. We also supply newest Vu+ SOLO2, Vu+ Duo Mini and Vu+ SOLO.

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Vu+ DUO Mini Satellite Receiver

The Vu+ DUO Mini is a with twin HD tuner satellite receiver based on the Linux TV APIs, Vu+ DUO Mini is integrated with two DVB-S2 tuners and offers advanced PVR functions and a variety of multimedia plug-in features, Vu+ DUO Mini has been the most popular and exemplary model desired by competitors as well as customers in terms of performance, quality and customer satisfaction.

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Openbox V8 COMBO

Openbox V8 COMBO HD digital IPTV receiver is the cheapest HD receiver, it can be used around the world. Openbox V8 COMBO is full HD DVB support 1080p/1080i/720p/570p/576i/480p, and this receiver has all the functions of dreambox but price more competitive. We also supply Skybox V8 HD and Android M8C 4K + Camera Network TV Box.

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